Dmitry Kalita

Dmitry Kalita
Territory manager in Belarus, Ukraine and Moldova. Intel Corporation


Dmitry holds master's degree from Department of Semiconductor Electronics 1998. From 1998 to 2001, he had completed postgraduate courses of our faculty (supervisor professor S. Pogorily) and teach "Basis of computer networks" and "Object oriented programming" courses at Department's master program. Dmitry has authored number of scientific papers, study book and co-authored two editions of the "Computer Networks" textbook endorsed by Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine. In addition to technology education Dmitry holds number of executive education programs from INSEAD business school, France.

He is interested in sports, music, loves to travel.

Wishes for current and future students

Time of my study spend during at the Kyiv National University helped me not just mechanically solve different mathematical equations and work from 8 till 17, but think differently and solve not ordinary, standard tasks. Modern hi-tech world requires constant learning, development and growth mindset. Exactly this approach to the student development is offered at the Department of Computer Engineering of Faculty of Radio Physics, Electronics and Computer Systems Information and communication technologies (ICT) has advanced dramatically over the last 20 years.

Today almost every person on Earth has ICT inside of majority tools, gadgets and live their life utilizing these advancements. Knowledge become the modern blood of the world's economy. Master degree and set of modern knowledge allowed me to find an interesting and challenging job that pushed myself to convert a potential of obtained classical University education to the applied level of everyday work.

I would like to highlight couple of thoughts that now much more visible that time I been to the University. The classical University education and hard work of my scientific supervisor allowed me with the time to understand that a knowledge itself is not the real goal of the study. The real goal is to teach the understanding of how to learn things and where to get needed data. This is one of the best competitive advantages in modern life. Every couple of years we have new generations of electronic components, new generations of computers and devices are entering the market every year same time the basic principles and scientific approaches are stable for much longer time.

Thanks to the University, I know: how switches transistors, how to measure values, how to build censors and how to create electronic circuitry. I know how computer parts work and where and for what purpose different algorithms are been used. In addition, I know principles that lies behind every computing network and business systems.  And exactly such a blend of knowledge is the required minimal basis for my current work.

Steep development curve of IT products and non-stable market conditions are requiring the understanding of inner technology principles and extremely fast reaction to changes. During 6 years at a university about half of the applied IT knowledge could change. That is why only growth mindset and continuous learning can provide competitive advantage in modern world.