Volodymyr FedorovCandidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Ph.D.), Programming Engineer

tel.: +38-073-666-0-999

web: getup.kiev.ua, en.extremegym.org

Basic information

In 2012 finished postgraduate studies of Radio Physics Faculty of National Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev. Since 2013 – Programming Engineer of the Computer Engineering Department. In 2015 he defended his thesis "Spectral properties of one-dimensional photonic crystals with three half-wave resonators", presented for the degree of Candidate (Ph.D.) of Physical and Mathematical Sciences on a specialty 01.04.10 – physics of semiconductors and dielectrics (supervisor – Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Yu. Pervak).

Since 2009 and so far, he is the head of the implementation and support of accounting automation projects for private and public enterprises, performing duties of IT-director of the organization «Computer Service GetUp.kiev.ua».

The main activities:

  • ERP-system / automation of accounting
  • data protection
  • cryptocurrencies

The most important scientific works:

  1. V. Pervak, V. Fedorov, Yu. A. Pervak et. al. Empirical study of the group delay dispersion achievable with multilayer mirrors. Opt. Express 2013, Vol. 21 (15), P. 18311-18316.
  2. Yu. A. Pervak, V. V. Fedorov. Features of the electric field distribution in 1-D photonic crystals with three half-wave defects. Nanosystems, nanomaterials and nanotechnologies, 2012, T. 10, number 3, P. 469-478.

Additional information

Hobbies: music, mountains, gymnastics, parachuting.