Volodymyr GamayunDoctor of Technical Sciences, Professor


General information

The main direction of scientific activity is in computer science – namely, the theory of computers and systems, information technology, science of high performance vehicles operating in real time. Almost 30 years he worked at the Institute of Cybernetics of VM Glushkov National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. Author of over 120 scientific publications and patents.

The most important scientific works:

  1. Gamayun V. P. Modeling multi-computer systems. Teach. manual. K .: Book publishing house NAU, 2007, 112 p.
  2. Gamayun V. P. Algorithm speed perform sequensuial Calculation. Problems of information and management. Coll. Science. Proceedings, Issue 1 (19). K .: NAU 2007, S. 32-36.
  3. Gamayun V. P. Bit Logarithmic arithmetic. Methods and algorithms. Monograph. Kiev. Book publishing house NAU, 2007, 272 pp.
  4. V. P. Gamayun. Application of Digital Logarithmic Data Representation for Realizing Operation of Multiplication. Raising to a Power and Taking the Root. Engineering Simulation, 1998, Vol. 15, pp. 641-651.