Andriy KonovalovCandidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences (Ph.D.), Assistant Lecture

Basic information

Born in 1974. Graduated from the Radio Physics Faculty of the National Taras Shevchenko University of Kiev in 1996. In 2005 he defended his thesis "Components of reflection electron energy loss spectra of Al, In and Ge films". The scientific work is dedicated to experimental investigation of electron interaction processes of medium energies (100-1000 eV) in the surface region of solids by reflection electron energy loss (REEL) spectroscopy.

Particular attention is devoted to the processes giving rise to significant dependence of REEL spectrum shape of some solids from electron scattering angle at the constant angles of incidence and exit and to the excitation processes of multipole surface plasmons. Research interests also include computational intelligence technologies.

In various years he lectured "Computer Experiment", "Investigation Methods of Semiconductor Materials and Structures", "Symbolic Mathematics Systems", "Artificial Intelligence Technologies", he held seminars and laboratory classes. He is an author of 15 scientific papers.

The most important scientific works:

  1. Krynko Y. M., Konovalov A. M., Nakhodkin M. G. A new approach to analysis of reflection electron energy loss spectra // J. Electr. Spectrosc. and Related Phenom. – 2002. – Vol. 122. – P.P. 231-237.
  2. Konovalov A. M., Krynko Yu. M., Musatenko Yu. S., Nakhodkin M. G. Analysis of the principal components for REEL spectra of indium // J. Electr. Spectrosc. and Related Phenom. – 2003. – Vol. 133. – P.P. 27-37.
  3. Konovalov A. M., Krynko Yu. M., Nakhodkin M. G. Principal component analysis of angular dependences of reflection electron energy loss spectra of Ge // Ukr. J. Phys. – 2004. – V. 49, N 8. – P.P. 794-798.