Львов Віктор АнатолійовичDoctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Professor


General information

Research areas:

  1. Physical properties of the shape memory alloys
  2. Physics of magnetically ordered materials

Educational activity

During many years gives the lectures on algebra, mathematical analysis and ordinary differential equations for the students specializing in physics and engineering. Gave lectures on the physics of magnetic phenomena, statistical mechanics and semiconductor physics.

The most important scientific works


Tretyak O. V., L'vov V. A., Barabanov A. V. Physical backgrounds of spintronics. 314 p. Book. Ed: Kiev University Press, Kiev, 2002. (In Ukrainian).


  1. Pridatchenko Yu. V., Vilchinskii S. I., L'vov V. A. Algebra for the physicists. 159 p. Manual for students. Ed: Kiev University Press, Kiev, 2010. (In Ukrainian).
  2. Pridatchenko Yu. V., L'vov V. A., Efimenko S. V. Vector algebra and analytic geometry. 94 p. Ed: Kiev University Press, Kiev, 2010. (In Ukrainian).
  3. Pridatchenko Yu. V., L'vov V. A. Algebra for the physicists: coordinate method in the linear algebra. 87 p. Manual for students. Ed: Kiev University Press, Kiev, 2004. (In Ukrainian).

Selected publications:

  1. V. A. L'vov, E. Cesari, V. Recarte, J. I. Pérez-Landazábal. Acta Materialia, 2013, 61, 1764.
  2. A. Kosogor, V. A. L'vov, O. Soderberg, S. P. Hannula. Acta Materialia, 2011, 59, 3593–3601.
  3. V. A. Chernenko, V. L'vov, J. Pons, E. Cesari. Journal of Applied Physics, 2003, 93, 2394.
  4. V. A. L'vov, E. V. Gomonaj, V. A. Chernenko. Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter, 1998, 10, 4587.
  5. V. G. Bar'yakhtar, V. A. L'vov, D. A. Yablonskii. JETP Letters, 1983, 37, 673.

Additional information


Try to do everything as studiously as possible because it will turn out to be done worse of its own accord.


Books on history and historical novels, guitar, billiards.