Sergiy PogorilyyDoctor of Science, Professor, Head of Computer Engineering Department

General information

Areas of research:

  • Schemes of parallel algorithms for High Performance Computing research and their implementations during cluster computing (based on mathematical apparatus Glushkov's modified systems of algorithmic algebra and algebra real-time processes (RTPA)
  • Application of genetic algorithms in high-performance computer systems
  • Architecture of homogeneous and heterogeneous cluster systems and methods of cluster computing

Teaching experience

Over 25 years in Kiev University teaches lectures for students of the courses:

  • Discrete Mathematic
  • Methodology of design open computer systems
  • Programming for UNIX-platforms

For many years he teaches lectures of:

  • Program design
  • Latest operating systems
  • Creating Internet applications

The most important scientific works


  1. Pogorilyy S. D., Boyko Y. V., Levchenko R. I, Maryanovskyy V. A. Methods of cluster computing. Edited by Dr. Sci. professor Pogorilyy S. D. Kyiv University Publishing, 2013, 416 pp.
  2. Pogorilyy S. D., Bilous R. V., Bilokon I. V. Application of genetic algorithms in computer systems. Edited by Dr. Sci. professor Pogorilyy S. D. Kyiv University Publishing, 2014, 320 pp.

Textbooks approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine:

  1. Pogorilyy S. D. Software design. Textbook series "Automation Researches", edited by academician of Pedagogical Sciences of Ukraine Tretyak O. V. Kyiv University Publishing, 2nd edition, 2007, 438 p.
  2. A. V. Anisimov, A. Y. Doroshenko, S. D. Pogorilyy, Ya. Yu. Dorohyi. Programming numerical methods in language PYTHON. Edited by Dr. Sci. professor Anisimov A. V. Kyiv University Publishing, 2014, 640 pp.

Articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals:

  1. Pogorilyy S. D., Lozytskyi S. I. Finding Strongly Connected Components in Parallel. Applied and Computational Mathematics, vol. 6, 2007, no. 2, p.p. 121-130.
  2. Pogorilyy S. D., Boyko Yu. V., Lozitskiy S. I., Gusarov A. D. Formalized Methods of paralleling the Goldberg-Tarjan Algorithm. Journal of Automation and Information Sciences, Vol. 40, No 9, 2008, p.p. 64-75.
  3. Pogorilyy S. D., Gusarov A. D. Paralleling of Edmonds-Karp Net Flow Algorithm. Applied and Computational Mathematics, vol. 5, 2006, no. 2, p.p. 121-130.
  4. Pogorilyy S. D., Boyko Yu. V., Gusarov A. D., Lozytskyi S. I. An Approach to the Parallel Solution of a High-dimensional Basic Flow Problem. Cybernetics and Systems Analysis, Volume 45, Issue 2 (March 2009), p.p. 291-296. Springer Science and Business Media Inc. ISSN: 1060-0396.
  5. S. D. Pogorilyy and I. Yu. Shkulipa. A Conception for Creating a System of Parametric Design of Parallel Algorithms and Their Software Implementations. Cybernetics and System Analysis, Volume 45, Issue 6 (November 2009), p.p. 952-958. Springer Science and Business Media Inc. ISSN: 1060-0396.
  6. A. V. Anisimov, S. D. Pogorilyy, D. Yu. Vitel. About the Issue of Algorithms formalized Design for Parallel Computer Architectures. Applied and Computational Mathematics, vol. 12, № 2, 2013, p.p. 140-151.

Scientific and organizational work

Actively manages the four graduates, forming scientific school. In the past three years under his guidance have successfully performed six master's theses (specialties 01.05.03 and 05.13.05). Takes part in editorial boards of international scientific journals "Applied and Computational Mathematics" (ISSN 1683-3511) and "Proceedings of the Institute of Applied Mathematics" (ISSN 2225-0530), a member of the editorial boards of scientific journals "Bulletin of Kyiv National University named Taras Shevchenko" (a series of physical and mathematical sciences) and "Proceedings of DonNTU" (a series of informatics, cybernetics and computer engineering). He has published over 220 scientific papers, including 6 monographs, 14 textbooks.

Over the previous five years was a member of the program committee of international conferences COIA 2011, COIA 2013, COIA 2015, TAAPSD 2011, TAAPSD 2012-TAAPSD 2015 and so on. He has performed with reports at nine international conferences outside Ukraine.

Conducts significant scientific and organizational work, is a part of the expert council of the State Certification Commission Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on Informatics and instrumentation; a part of the Academic Council on doctoral theses D 26.001.09 (Faculty of Cybernetics, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv) is the scientific secretary of the Complex scientific program "Informatization of Society" Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv.

Many times held internships at leading computer centers and has 11 international certificates.

Additional information

Credo: Do good immediately (German proverb).

Perfection is not where there is nothing to add, and where there is no need to remove (French proverb).

Hobbies: classical music concerts, literature on history, travellings.